Behavior Solutions

The training process should be effective, fun and ultimately enriching to the dog-human relationship. 
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Is your dog shy, fearful or aggressive? Dynamite Doggies can help!

We use science-based, efficient, and gentle training methods. We advocate exercise, healthy diet and very clear structure for your pups. We’ll determine what motivates your dog and we’ll tap into the power of that motivator. Mind over matter, brain vs. brawn. It should be fun to train your dog!


We use all positive reinforcement training methods, combined with consistent structure. Dogs need to learn boundaries and limits, but this can always be taught in a gentle and clear way. We do not throw cookies at the problem behavior! We love using cookies when appropriate, but it’s just not always the most effective method. We analyze case-by-case and set you up with a program that makes sense for you, your lifestyle and your dog.

One-time assessment consults available. A series of sessions may be required, depending on the severity of your case.

Shy, sensitive, fearful, aggressive dogs and all breeds welcome!!!