Jennifer is an Academy for Dog Trainers 2004 graduate, and is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer & Behavior Counselor. She has been a Professional Certified Dog Walker since 1999 and a Pet Sitter for over 25 years. Jennifer takes continuing education very seriously and regularly attends lectures and seminars from her favorite behavior teachers from around the world.


Dynamite Doggies is dedicated to Merlin.

Merlin came into Jennifer’s life in October of 2001. It was love at first sight. Merlin started to display signs of fear aggression with dogs and some fear/warning behavior with humans, specifically tall men who were wearing weird outfits. Sound familiar? A lot of dogs are sensitive in this way, but particularly herding breeds and herding mixes. Jennifer worked with a few trainers who inspired her to pursue dog training as a full time career. Although always a work-in-progress, Merlin became a very stable, confident guy who had many human friends, and a select few doggie friends.

In the fall of 2007 it was time for Merlin to find a partner in crime. Jennifer adopted Stevie Nicks from the San Francisco SPCA in October 2007. They married in 2011

When Jennifer is not helping families and their dogs or hiking with Merlin and Stevie she is a mixed media artist with interest in painting, collage, and photography. Jennifer is continually seeking knowledge, reading dog behavior and training books, attending lectures and seminars and learns the very most from her mentors, peers and colleagues.